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Sandusky Says Several Alleged Victims Abused Drugs and Alcohol as Juveniles

by on March 16, 2012 6:50 PM

Jerry Sandusky says several of his accusers used drugs and alcohol as juveniles and is asking state prosecutors to turn over any drug violation records involving any of the alleged victims, according to court documents.

Sandusky, the documents show, believes that if the accusers were under the influence of substance abuse when the alleged sexual contact occurred, it may have affected their ability to remember specific details, thus affecting their credibility as witnesses.

This all comes in a response filed Friday in Centre County Court to the prosecution’s response to an order directing pre-trial discovery.

Sandusky, through his attorney Joseph Amendola, also says he wants a report by a psychologist concerning alleged Victim 6 because he believes it will lead to the conclusion that the boy wasn't sexually abused.

Additionally, Sandusky is again requesting the addresses and phone numbers of the alleged victims to see if they had communicated with each other during the investigation, according to court documents.

Judge John M. Cleland "dismissed as moot" Tuesday a defense request for more pre-trial information. Shortly after the ruling, Amendola said he plans to seek dismissal of all charges against his client.

Sandusky, 68, of College Township, is a former defensive coordinator at Penn State. He is charged with 52 criminal counts in the child-sexual abuse case. Jury selection for an anticipated trial is scheduled for May 14.

The complete document of Amendola's response can be viewed here.

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