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Penn State Football: Barkley Back And No Longer In Awe

on October 26, 2017 11:30 AM

Two years ago Saquon Barkley too the field at the The Shoe and showed the nation why he would become one of the premiere backs in college football.

194 yards, all impressive, all making a knowledgeable Ohio State crowd gasp as Barkley spun past and leaped over defenders. But for Barkley it was a big moment in career for other reasons. He had arrived, and suddenly, he was on the field with the great players he had watched in high school.

Braxton Miller, Zeke Elliott, and Urban Meyer, all taking part in the same game as him. A hard moment not to soak in as a young player.

“I was a young guy, I was kind of in awe of being on the field with Braxton Miller and Zeke Elliott,” Barkley said Wednesday after practice "I would say I’m just a lot smarter as a football player now: understanding the game, understanding situations, understanding the playbook. I just think I’ve developed into an all-around player.”

For Barkley the tables have turned. He says he gets messages on Twitter from opponents after games, including Michigan receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones following the blowout win this past weekend. Once the awe-struck player, now players are awe-struck to see him.

That doesn't mean Barkley is done being impressed though. This weekend will feature Barkley going up against Ohio State upcoming running back J.K. Dobbins.

"I'm excited to see him play." Barkley said.

And as Barkley quote made it to Twitter, it found its way to Dobbins, who favorited it, perhaps awe-struck himself as he prepares to take the field against Barkley.

And who knows where Dobbins will be two from now.

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