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Amid COVID-19 Concerns, James Franklin Will Reportedly Be Away from Family During Season to Keep Youngest Daughter Safe

on June 23, 2020 5:20 PM

James Franklin's family will live in Florida this upcoming football season as Franklin looks to keep his at-risk daughter Addison safe from  potential COVID-19 exposure according to a report by The Comeback related to tonight's episode Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

Addison — Franklin's youngest daughter — has sickle cell disease, putting her at a higher risk if she were to contract the virus from her father who will spend much of the fall around dozens if not hundreds of people before returning home each day.

“I have two daughters,” Franklin reportedly tells Gumbel. “My one youngest daughter has sickle cell disease so it’s changed dynamics in our family. My wife and kids are going to stay in Florida for the season. And I’m going to be in Happy Valley just because we think that’s the right thing to do for my daughter with sickle cell.”

With football practice just around the corner, that means Franklin will be away from his family for an extended period of time if the currently scheduled season stays on course.

“There was a lot of tears," Franklin reportedly says. "There was a lot of emotion having this conversation with my daughters. So a lot of heartache over it.”

The Franklin family has long had a vacation home in Destin on the panhandle of Florida, a popular location for college football coaches and assistants across the nation. Franklin and his family recent spent time in Colorado as well, riding up much of the quarantine period secluded on their own.

While Florida has seen surge in cases as a state over recent weeks, Okaloosa County has reported just 421 total confirmed cases over the course of the past several months, averaging 203 cases per 100,000 people according to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

Real Sports airs at 10 p.m. on HBO. The relevant portion of the episode synopsis is as follows: "Bryant Gumbel conducts a series of interviews with players, coaches, executives and beyond to discuss COVID-19 and systemic racial injustice in the world of sports...."

Penn State has had a family-friendly football building under Franklin's watch but one imagines that the limitations of social distancing and health recommendations will limit the number of people visiting the Lasch Football Building on any given day. The program has not made public any similar plans to Franklin's at this time as it pertains to assistants or staff members who will be sequestered from their respective families.

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